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Masjid Omar
Kampong Melaka

This is the oldest mosque and place of worship in Singapore.

It was established in 1820 in an area known as Kampong Melaka (Malay for “Melaka Village”), as many traders and fishermen from Malacca had settled here soon after Singapore became a British Port. The… mosque was built by and named after

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The mosque was built by and named after an Arab merchant from Hadhramaut (a valley on eastern Yemen) named Syed Sharif Omar bin Ali Aljunied (1792 – 1852). After Sir Stamford Raffles founded Singapore in 1819, he invited Syed Sharif Omar and his uncle who was in Palembang in Sumatra to set up their business in Singapore. After arriving in Singapore, the Aljunieds became major landowners and philanthropists and shared much of their wealth with the community at large.

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Masjid Omar Kg Melaka Bicentennial @ 2020

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